Ship Repairing

Dock repair of small size vessels

• Pilot boats
• Tows
• Pontoons
• Oil collectors
• Technical fleet

Hydraulic Systems

• Design and installation of new hydraulic systems;
• Maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems;
• Repair of axial piston pumps/ hydraulic motors;
• Repair of radial piston pumps/ hydraulic motors;
• Repair of hydraulic cylinders;
• Production of hydraulic cylinders: rods up to ⌀280 mm.

Rudder Propeller Unit

• Repair of steering and propulsion devices of ships;
• Repair of azimuth pod drives;
• Repairs of maneuvering devices.

Deck Machinery

• Repair of windlasses, capstans, hatch covers, deck cranes, ramps, reduction gearing, and process-specialised winches.

Modernisation of Deck Cranes

• Diagnostics and regulation of crane systems, with specialists on board. Hydraulic system, automatics, rotary support;
• Modernisation of deck cranes with full replacement of hydraulic components and automatics with modern equipment.

Shore Machinery

• Maintenance and repair of oil loading arms;
• Maintenance and repair of additional railway technics;
• Maintenance and repair of mobile cranes;
• Maintenance andd repair of road machinery.