Vibro corer GK-VT-3/4,5

Marine scientific research equipment for vibro sampling I-IV samples at depths of up to 300 meters


Name Parameters
1 Category sampling I-IV
2 Sampling depth, guides 4,640 m, max. 3000 mm
3 Sampling depth, guides 6.140 m, max. 4500 mm
4 The diameter of the core, up to 127 mm
5 Operating depth, no more 300 m
6 Power, max  3,7 kW / 380V
7 Weight, max. 1325 kg
8 Height, guides 3.2 m, max. 4,5 m
9 Height, guides 4,7m, max. 6,0 m
10 Overall diameter platform with supports 2,89 m

Package Includes:

Name Quantity
1 Platform with supports 1 pc.
2 Vibro hammer GK-IV-106N/2 1 pc.
3 Guides, 6140 mm – 4-piece 2 pack.
5 Core barrel dia. 127 – 3000 mm 1 pc.
6 Core barrel dia. 127 – 4500 mm 1 pc.
7 Exhaust Valve 1 pc.
8 The crown with non-return valve 1 pc.
9 The remote control 1 pc.
10 End switch 1 pc.


  • Vibro corer GK-VT consists of a platform with legs, supports removable for transportation; two guide posts; vibro hammer with sliding bushes; additional weight, which allows you to adjust the power of penetration of the core sampling tube. PTF bushe, in the platform sends coring tube during slaughter.
  • The guides are made exchangeable. The standard length of guide posts 4,640 m, is composed of 3 parts, allowing you to take the core 3m. When mounting the fourth part of the guide length increases to 6,14m, you can take the core 4.5m. (Important: The folding design guide posts, to optimize transportation costs, by packaging dimensions, at least 3 boxes on euro-pallets). Both rack rails (diam. 89mm) connected to the top of the bracket, which is attracted to the platform with 4 cables.
  • Vibro hammer 3.7 kW / 3-phase alternating current is supplied from the vessel by load-carrying electric cable. It consists of a sealed box and two electromechanical vibrators. The vertical vibration force is generated by the centrifugal force of rotating cams; the horizontal components of the centrifugal forces cancel each other out.
  • Core sampling tube is provided with exhaust valve and non-return valve with a crown, which ensures the fixation of the soil in the coring tube, dia. 127 mm is attached to the through-vibro hammer hinge axis, which allows to bring the tube to a horizontal position for the core recess.
  • The control panel is made of waterproof case, after the power supply, turning on the display shows the drive set with a resistor of the motor speed. When the switch is in the "Start" position starts acceleration vibro hammer to a predetermined frequency. Output frequency regulation with a resistor is possible both in the initial state, and during operation of the motor.
  • The platform is set a end switch, for a given value it off vibro hammer and signaled to the control panel on full sinking.