GK-5000 – ROV crawler

GK-5000 – ROV crawler with exchangeable attached equipment and operated from the ship. GK-5000 capable of working at depths of up to 5000 m, which includes the sampling equipment and instruments for multilateral research ocean bottom. GK-5000 is able to move along the bottom at a speed of 3 kilometers per hour and has the ability to select the optimal sampling point within the ore bodies with high positioning accuracy.

Sea trials were carried out
​in the course of 38 flight
RV "Professor Logatchev"



Name Technical characteristics
Hydro unit capacity, kW 22
Working pressure, bar 150
Hydraulic system consumption, Max, l/min. 80
Rig power, var 2500 V
Track drive hydraulic
Track speed, km/h 0...3
Drill lifting/lowering drive hydraulic
Drive the of the drill hydraulic
Rotation frequency (RPM) 0...900
Drilled hole diameter, mm 40...60
Drilling depth max, mm 1000
Maximum lifting height of drill rods on the supporting surface, mm 500
Maximum digging depth of drill rods below the support surface, mm 250
Unit control Remote (by cable)
Unit weight, kg 4500


Overall dimensions

Moving GK-5000 – ROV crawler to the portal

Preparation GK-5000 – ROV crawler to work

Moving GK-5000 – ROV crawler overboard, start

GK-5000 – ROV crawler work


Lifting GK-5000 – ROV crawler after working

Interface Remote GK-5000 – ROV crawler

Lifting winch with optical cable 5km