Drilling Rig TK-15

Drilling rig TK-15, for rock coring and 10 categories from the seabed to a depth of 6000m.

Sea trials were carried out
in the course of 38 flight
RV "Professor Logatchev"


Specification Value
Working depth is not more than, m 6000
Total drilling depth (core length), m 15
The maximum angle of the bottom surface 15
Method (technology) drilling rotary, with movable core receiver
Drilling diameter, mm 76
The number of drill pipes in the drum 12
Core lifter of the length, mm 1360
The diameter of the core sampled, mm 50,5
Number of core receiver drum 12
Height, m 4,8
Width, m 2,85
Length, m 3,79
Weight, kg 6000
Drive type electrohydraulic
Power supply 3 phase 380 volts (automatic 40A)
Power consumption, not more, kW 24


General view of the machine.

The composition of TK-15 comprises:

  • remote control systems, telemetry and television;
  • load-carrying slip system;
  • electric drive system;
  • hydraulic drive system;
  • lighting system;
  • video cameras;
  • frame with the underwater part of the system and leveling dampers;
  • module rotation and feeding the drill pipe;
  • washing system;
  • drilling tools;
  • store drill pipes;
  • shop core receiver with arms and the inner barrel lifting system;
  • module assembly and disassembly of the drill string;
  • on-board power supply.

To work on the ship TK-15 is required:

  • combined carrying cable (with wires power and control through the coaxial cable)
  • mechanisms for the descent / ascent on the carrying cable,
  • space to accommodate the remote control and the PC,
  • space for a container of 20 feet (spare parts and tools).