Railway Technics

Universal trailed snow-removal unit RSJ-80

for cleaning railways from snow by means of the brush or the thrower-auger.

RSJ 80 is driven by any self-propelled railway traction means (motrisas, locomotives, railcars, shunting locomotives, etc.)
The remote control of the unit and attachments is performed from the cabin of pushing means.
The unit can be used as a drive of different mechanisms and hydraulic tools when performing any maintenance, repair and arrangement of the railroad facilities.

Thrower-auger Rotary brush RSJ80


Diesel engine D245.5
Operating power, kW – 62

Standalone, dual circuit hydraulic system

  • Pump capacity, l/min – 180
  • Maximum Pressure, bar – 200

Speed, km / h:

  • Max speed on coupling – 70
  • Max speed under the brush – 10
  • Max speed under throwers – 5


  • GoGPS system (or Glonass) – control over the location and fuel consumption via the satellite;
  • Additional (rear) wheel set with standard wagon hitch.
  • Generator 30kVt/380V with a hydro drive.