Our company produces deepwater equipment designed to study the seabed at depths up to 5000 m:

• Telecontrol
• Electro-hydraulic drive
• Grab
• Dragline dredge
• Piston corer
• Box corer
• Vibro corer
• Rig
• ROV crawler



The main objectives of the design department and the laboratory of our company:

• Creation and organization of production of new competitive products;
• Innovative projects, energy-saving technologies;
• Modernisation projects of ship and port systems, machinery, and equipment;
• Design and manufacture of deep-sea equipment.


Ship Repairing

The company has experience in the field of ship repairing in the following areas:
• Hydraulic systems: design, diagnostics, system maintenance, pump repair, hydraulic motors, hydraulic engines and cylinders, hydrolic power plant as well as hydraulic winches;
• Рudder propeller units, azimuth pod drives;
• Deck machinery;
• Modernisation of deck cranes;
• Repair and maintenance of shore machinery: loading arms, railway technics, mobile cranes, and road machinery.